Implementing the Gaymed model

ComplianceDocManager® implements the Ganymed  model making documentation intuitive and simple. Starting with well-known objects from the IT-universe  ComplianceDocManager leads you through the elements of organization and all of the accounting relevant data objects modeled with attributes and text boxes for the answers to the object specific questions.

Following the menu from left to right und top to bottom allows for a very fast allocation of attributes  by making use of the already defined objects appearing in dynamically filled combo boxes.

The construction of the events now means simply selection attributes from dynamically filled drop downs. All event and resource objects are subject to “historization”. XML Archive export takes place at the end of the accounting period in order to impede any manipulation of historized data.

The SOX documentation CookBook shows how to build your own documentation based on screen shots of ComplianceDocManager (an older version). You would like to obtain the CookBook? Just write me an email.

Technical Parameters

ComplianceDocManager® implements the Ganymed-Model as an Intranet making use of the intranet studio INTRAPACT 7.0; it comes with remote administration; web server is MS IIS; Database may be alternatively JET or MSDE. Native data export via XML  XSLT viewable; as a report generator ASP/Websolutions  ASP-Wizard is used.

ComplianceDocManager®: Developed by h & p Consulting